Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strange are the ways things unfold......

Many a times, we always take it for granted the next course of action (I can also call it life). But we often see things do not unfold as expected, they are in fact quite strange. The ways it unfolds can be far better than it was conceived or many a times much worse than it should have been. When things unfold in favourable way, there is not much thought put into the way things have taken shape. We never think things have been more favourable than we deserved or desired but think we have got what we intended to. We tend to think only in situations where things were not very favourable to us.

It is quite difficult to judge if the situation has been fair to our actions or unfair to our actions. I think even the thought about the judgement of our fate or destiny as I may call is not right. I feel we are being hypocratic about this. When we do not give so much heed to the way things have taken shape when it is favourable to us, similarly we should not get into judging fairness of the situation when it not favourable to us.

There are certainly a lot of glitches/undulations along the path we travel. The undulation could be really huge but this (extent), I think is very subjective. If any such things are subjective, then we have to realise that there is something still missing which has to be done from our side. It could be the effort which has been a shortfall or the way the things will unfold could be beyond our cognition. Or we are unnecessarily making a big fuss about the whole thing.

Having said all these, there is still a feeling of discomfort which many a times are beyond words when things are not unfolding in our favour. I am not sure if it really makes sense to compare the situation with our surroundings. But certainly thinking about the other dimensions of the whole issue could throw a lot of light about how things have unfolded. There could be a silver lining which might have been totally overlooked. It is in my own benefit to have this perspective rather than crib about the unfavourable situation.

But of late, I have heard or read a lot about a totally different approach, different from all the above ways. We as human-beings are so obsessed about "How things should be", we totally ignore to recognise "How things are". The whole cause of misery or conflicts within us is because of this conditioning. We are quite judgemental about everything. We tell a thing is good or bad but do not see the way it is. We have to always come to some conclusion before we take a step. Why dont we just take the step without concluding that the step I am taking is good and there can be no fault or I would not repent later because of this. Similarly why do I need to worry when something goes wrong. The whole reason to judge the situation has gone wrong has risen from the idea "How things should be" not from "How things are". The point here is, we have to just proceed with our actions, the same actions which we would have taken with the conclusion that it is good or bad, without being judgemental or without having conclusion. The ways things unfold is quite strange and we have to give the chance for the destiny to unfold things for us.......

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Speed Writing

I am really not sure why even attempted to start using this software which would honk at me so soon that I am not used to write even a line. But anyway I wanted to give a try and I think the start is really good.

Now I think this is one perfect tool which will help me update my blog on a very frequent basis to keep up to what I was planning last week. I was amazed at the thought of 700 words in 15 minutes and see a lot people even exceeding more than 1000 words in less than 30 minutes. I would be happy even if I can achieve something in the range of 300 to 350 words in 30 mins.

Although I have started to write, I now realise that just writing skill is not all that I am lacking but also the vocabulary required to appropriately convey more with less words. Not that my understanding of English words is very poor but at least my usage of the english words in the speech or even while writing is really poor. It could be like a chicken and egg situation. Unless I start or attempt to write which I have taken as a first step, I cannot improve my vocabulary in my talk or in writing and I always shy away from attempting to even write because of this lack. So now, I intend to break this jinx.

As I am writing I am so curious about the word count. I have not felt so challenged for time in such a longgggggggg time. Last time I remember this happening is probably way back in my engineering days that too only during exams as I had the same laziness towards writing and so never wrote any other time apart from the mandatory writing required for the completion of syllabus or meet the requirement.

I should start using this link more often for my writings. This has increased my writing speed even before I am able to complete my target of 350 words. This should help the speed of my thought flow which is one of the primary reasons for me to start writing as I had mentioned in my previous post. This is a definite must for all those who want to start writing fast. I have not made a note of the time when I started but I definitely know that I have written these 400 words in less than 10 minutes and that too when the whole article was started even without thinking what I should be writing.

There is one problem, I now see with this online software. Since this keeps warning you as soon as you stop typing for a few seconds (less than 10 seconds, I dont know the exact time as I cannot even measure this as this does not allow), you continue to write at a very good speed. This is making me feel very satisfied which is not a good feel. This is one feeling in me which stops me from improving or working on something on a consistent basis. What I am talking is that I feel satisfied as I think I have achieved quite a bit of the what goals I had set only in my second article after this new start. This might not be a problem for many who do not have this kind of weakness. But I also believe the only way to get away with any short comings in yourself is by constantly bombarding yourself with the things which make you bored or even this current feeling of satisfaction. I am not sure if I have made my point clear. If I force myself to do the same thing repeatedly which makes me feel bored, I think it will help me realise the task is infact not boring and you start to enjoy this. So I will plan to use this software and take it as a challenge to write at a fast pace even on subjects which are quite unknown to me.

This is indeed a good start to the new beginning.

Note: This tool is particularly useful for people who wants to start writing. Not really for people who have never written but for people like me who are lazy to even write about anything.