Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why should I start writing articles at all?

It has been really very long since I have written any articles for that matter any writing. In fact I hardly remember venturing into any sort of writing after my engineering days. The emails, the only other means of writing for me all these days hardly gives a sense of writing as they are meant to just convey the information unlike the old days of writing letters where the thoughts in the mind were conveyed not just information.

Few days back, I got a mail from Sudheendraji about the improving writing skills. This mail has an online link and the author of this website sends a snippet or a small article about writing skills every week. This was just the right trigger for me to start writing. I am indeed thankful to Sudheendraji for this trigger. Surprisingly, I also subscribed to these weekly articles in that website. The surprise was that I was proactive about the same.

Now coming to why I should start writing. Many a times I really fall short of words in a normal conversation. This leaves a very big gap between the thoughts I want to convey and what is actually conveyed. This leaves a mark also on the thought flow and the thought flow is stunted. Now this should be help me to improve my rusty writing skills and which in turn should help me to have clarity in my speaking (conveying my thoughts effectively). I hope this helps me also to start conversations even with strangers (I always wonder about what can be spoken with strangers or people who meet for the first time or rarely).

There was a time when I had started to write in a Blog but this lived really short. I used to feel the need to give a rebirth to my blog. Indeed couple of weeks before this trigger I mentioned, I did ensure if my blog was indeed active and actually wanted to see if I remembered the credentials for logging in. Hopefully this time it might not be short lived (indeed I hope to carry on writing).

This should take me a long way…..